The particle charge analysis

cas When the story of success of the charge analysis in 1986 - especially in the paper and paper supplier industry - started, most users made there measurement with a charge detector and a external titrator. Since this time that kind of laboratory measurement instruments had no important improvements beside special measurement cells for particular applications or the possibility to measure the pH-amount.

AFG Analytic GmbH developed a CAS particle charge measurement system which takes the traditional methods of measuring Streaming Potential and established a new era of technology and comfort in particle charge analysis. The difference of the CAS to conventional charge detectors is that it combines the charge detector, the titrator, the temperature compensated pH-measurement and a user-friendly software in one system.

The CAS brings it together in one simple to use portable package! The titration function is realized by one or alternative two highly accurate computer-controlled internal dosing pumps in combination with a clear, menu driven software through a display. Expensive external titrators which are for some customers complicated to use are no longer necessary. The integrated titrator also eliminates the need for hand titrations, save time and increases accuracy. Essential in bush labs and situations where the consumption rate is very low. Fix increment titration, dynamic titration and converse-dosage (same as back-titration) are selectable from given procedures or are free configurable.

The user-friendly and powerful PC-software allows for easy handling and transfer of test results. Data can be stored, analysed, exported to Excel or a e-mailed form one platform. The features of the CAS-system allows determination of the isoelectric point (IEP), but also the examination of the correlation between pH, titrant demand and Streaming Potential.

The omission of the titrator makes the transport and the handling significant easier.


Product Overview